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Sweets | Pro Model | George Marshall V2 | Cushion Clear


The time has finally come! Our Pro Team member George Marshall has released the second color-way of his beloved pro model kendama. George has been killing it ever since he released his first pro model kendama. He’s been honing his kendama skills along with his digital editing skills and this model really displays his change of style!


    • Full Maple
    • Wavy line engraving on spike
    • Balance Bevel in base cup
    • GEM seal
  • BOOST Tama
    • Cherry Wood
    • Pastel wavy line design
    • Sticky Clear or Cushion Clear
  • Weight Match Guarantee
    • Ken & Tama weight matched within 7g
  • Metal Spinner Bead
  • Extra String
  • GEM Mod sticker pack



You have been asking for years and we are excited to finally announce a Weight Match Guarantee on select new kendama drops! This means that every setup sold with this guarantee will have a tama and a ken that weigh within 7 grams of each other. We cannot promise specific weights, but we can make sure that the kendamas we sell are even more honed than ever before!


The BOOST is made to slap tricks right out of the box. Compared to older or more traditional shapes; the cups are larger, the stalls more pronounced, and there is a balance bevel in the bottom cup to help hit lunars with ease.
BOOST tamas are also slightly larger to help improve play and match the bigger cups.


A portion of every sale goes directly to George
Follow Garrett on Instagram: @georgemarshall31

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