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"Ten years of kendama play has culminated into a fully optimized design that allows players to push the realms of trick possibilities. By using five carefully selected woods, this ...

“Ten years of kendama play has culminated into a fully optimized design that allows players to push the realms of trick possibilities. By using five carefully selected woods, this kendama embraces the best qualities that each wood has to offer. The maple provides smooth stability, while the beech offers soft stall catches. The wenge puts weight where it really matters, whereas the cherry and walnut remove weight where it doesn’t. This kendama is yours to be consistently honed for your next level of play. Enjoy” – Christian Fraser

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22 reviews for Sweets | C Fraser | Legend Mod | Sticky

  1. Garrett G. (verified owner)

    Most honed Kendama to play with and the best aesthetically looking. Just ordered my second one!

  2. Agalloway13 (verified owner)

    Purchased this dama last week and boyyy is there a lot to say. Aesthetically this thing is gorgeous especially with the sticky paint the grain pops and the quality of the wood in the ken is top notch. As far as I playability goes this thing is honed like crazy. Lunars and stalls slap and ken flips seem to ALWAYS rotate perfectly, day one triple ken flip spike no problem. On top of being a perfect setup I added on a kendama house welterweight string and jugs flow so much better. Love the guys at kendama house for all the support on my kendama journey and recommending this set up!

  3. Keith C

    Best kendama to play hands down. Everything just sticks like magic. Landed my first lunar on this bad boy!!

  4. Fitzsimmons123 (verified owner)

    First let me say the shipping was unreal fast, I am in Canada and it took about a week to arrive!

    This kendama is honed to perfection, the weight is distributed perfect for flips and the stall points are on another level. Havent been able to put this dama down since I got it, just feels so right in my hands.

  5. Tyler French (verified owner)

    I purchased this dama about 3 weeks ago and WOW!! The most lunar honed dama I’ve ever played. It’s hard to not land your lunars it’s that good!! Lunars are no longer a hard trick I have landed soooo many lunar tricks!! I love it this dama really brought up my skills remarkably!!

  6. Matthew Marasco

    The weighting on the decade mod is amazing. I have been unlocking so many lunar tricks with this beauty. For the giveaway, my insta is @floormatteh

  7. michael.assante

    Best dama

  8. Jeremy

    Got this kendama a while back and is still keep me strong the sticky clear is absolutely amazing on it and the weight in my opinion is perfect
    Instagram: jeremy._.w

  9. Brody

    I cannot praise this dama enough. I own both the cushion and sticky and let me tell you, it you want to literally unlock a new trick every day this is the setup for you. The weights are so perfect for loons and the tracking on the tama makes it a dream for jugs. If it’s in stock, buy it.

  10. kcuf_amadnek (verified owner)

    I got this beauty a few month back and it’s a lunar beast!!! And I still get ASMR feeling when I look at it lol

  11. Sam Martinez

    Super nice kendama, quality is great and plays amazing out of the box. Will definitely get another one in the future. @stealyourdama

  12. damatings

    most honed kendama out there, details speak for itself and looks incredible. A must cop

  13. schneefuchs.dama44

    One of the best damas ever! The concept is on point!

  14. @joey.hernandez.50746 (verified owner)

    Best kendama I’ve gotten and shipping was fast.

  15. Ethan Horn

    On the pricier side but you get what you pay for. Without a doubt one of my all time favorites to play.
    Instagram: ethan_horn73

  16. dylan_russell46

    Best dama on the market

  17. Schwertkugel

    I have one at home and its propably the most honed kendama i own… if you have too much money spare buy it! 🙂

  18. Daniel lambert

    Easily the best kendama I’ve ever played hands down

  19. zlogschiro

    most honed lunars ever! Insta: zlogschiro

  20. Václav Kvíčala

    @prasiik !!

  21. Václav Kvíčala

    @prasiik !! Lets go boys!

  22. Daniel Toth

    Dream kendama. Love to have it. I believe that this is hands down the best constructed dama. Ig: _valdizney

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